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Our vision for the future is for North Carolina to have a network of globally competent teachers working in both rural and urban districts who promote global opportunities, content, and awareness for our state's students.

About the Global Teachers Fellowship

About the Global Teachers Fellowship

The Global Teachers Fellowship seeks to ensure that global education will become an expected, respected, and prominent part of the teaching progression in North Carolina.


The Fellowship will help advance the State Board of Education's formal goal to ensure every North Carolina public school student is empowered to accept academic challenges, prepared to pursue their chosen path after graduating high school, and encouraged to be lifelong learners who will engage in a globally-collaborative societyThe Fellowship will help teachers across North Carolina prepare our current students - the next generation of our state's leaders and workers - to be culturally competent, active participants in the global economy.

We are building an endowment fund to create the Global Teachers Fellowship, which will ensure that at least one teacher from each of North Carolina's 100 counties can participate in Go Global NC's Global Teachers international professional development program every year, in perpetuity.


Global Teachers - Mexico 2019

About the Global Teachers Program

About the Global Teachers Program

Go Global NC’s Global Teachers program, founded in 1995, provides professional development to K-12 teachers from across North Carolina through an in-depth learning experience about the history, culture and environment of other countries. The 18-month program begins with intensive orientation programming, followed by a 10- to 14-day international immersive learning experience abroad. Following immersion, Go Global NC leads an action-planning workshop, which creates a platform for collaboration and creativity to ensure teachers are prepared to share their global experiences in their own North Carolina classrooms. Teachers from all grade levels and all subject areas use their new global experiences to ignite an interest in global engagement and cooperation among their students and in their communities.

In 2020, generous donors enabled 56 North Carolina teachers from 29 North Carolina counties to participate in the Global Teachers program and bring the world to their classrooms.

About Go Global NC

About Go Global NC

Go Global NC designs and manages programs that build the capacity of policy leaders, educators, students, and business and community leaders to enable North Carolina to succeed in a global economy and increasingly interdependent world.

Go Global NC, has provided the opportunity for more than 9,000 North Carolinians to travel to 50 different countries for short-term immersion in the organization’s portfolio of study programs. More than 1,100 of these people have been Global Teachers. They all gained a better understanding of other cultures, world regions, and global issues affecting North Carolina and are now prepared to make positive impacts on our state. Global Teachers prepare and teach curriculum units translating these experiences to students across the state.

Go Global NC alumni are in our classrooms, hospitals, squad cars, churches, universities, newsrooms, General Assembly, and county commissioner seats throughout the state. With more than 40 years of experience, Go Global NC has developed a breadth and depth of knowledge in global engagement and international education that makes us uniquely qualified to build and lead a Global Teachers Fellowship for our state.

Visit to learn how Go Global NC connects North Carolina and the world.

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